Demo’s Policy

We love techno, and are always open to receive good music to release it. In the same way, we have very clear concept of what kind of music we want to publish, and how we work, so there are a couple of indications:

  • Send us always direct links to listen the tracks (soundcloud, mixcloud,…). We haven’t so much time to download larger ZIPs, so we consider that is a faster and more comfortable way of work.
  • Send us always final and mastered versions.
  • We accept tracks of several shapes of techno, but only techno, no house, no minimal, no schranz, no trance,…Might be a good reference the BPM’s, between 125 and 140.
  • We are committed to listening and responding to all the tracks we will receive, but be advised that we will be very very selective about the music we publish, so if you receive a negative answer, do not fall and work hard to make us change our mind…

You cand send your links (or other feedbacks or questions) to:

[email protected]

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