After most of two years involved in netaudio scene, and even more after the sad demise of 2 of the most respected labels in the Creative Commons scene, like Antiritmo and Offaudio, from Drugstore felt that we had to contribute to try to return all the satisfaction that this community has given us. This is the beginning of Cicuta Netlabel.

Cicuta Netlabel is a project focused on bringing quality techno music throughout the world, for free, without prejudice. Our differentiator is that we want to have well-known artists, those that are not typically seen in the netaudio scene, and combining its proven quality with talent and drive of those artists who are growing and only need the world to discover your work to seduce.

Our intention is to publish a monthly EP. These EPs will always be licensed under Creative Commons, and will can be downloaded for free from archive.org.

To complement the aforementioned, we also want to have the best mixers of the techno scene, providing a regular podcast to all our supporters.

What kind of music can you expect on our releases/podcast? The response is TECHNO, in upper case, and with several shades: dark, hard, industryal, melodic,…. We don’t want to lock ourselves in a unique style. If its techno, and we like it, we will publish it.

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