We’re really proud of release tracks from these great artists. Check his links to get more information.




Founder & manager of Cicuta Netlabel. Drugstore project began at the beginning of 2009, as union of members of the spanish collective Bayona Music, as a way to express the musical interests of their components. Focused on techno music and betting always for Creative Commons scene.

Vegim’s journey into the underground began in the early 1990’s. At first, music was just a hobby. Once he began collecting records his obsession grew stronger and he invested in his first pieces of music equipment. 1998 was the year Vegim became a full time slave to the underground. He rapidly developed his skills as a DJ and in his Production. By the age of 18 Vegim had already discovered his lust for House & Techno. The desire to tell his story through music took over and Vegim has never looked back…

Kike Pravda is a dj / producer heavily influenced by his family’s musical background – he grew up surrounded by drum machines & synths and at an early age was taken to the DMC’s which in his own words “changed his life” and started his obsession with vinyl/djing. Fast forward 20 years to the year 2000 and his first works as a producer saw the light with the release of the debut “Phazer” 12? on Dutch lael Katac Recs. More releases followed on Jaxx’s in house Lowtom label. Since then he’s released on Warm Up, Psychoskunk, M-Recs, Injected Poison & Reaktor Records with continued support from household names like Oscar Mulero or Exium…

I1 Ambivalent a.k.a. I1 – a techno producer and a DJ from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Fan of sounds and good music. Involved into few electronic styles, with a wide range of music from 125bpm to 155bpm, clinging mostly towards darker side of techno. Offbeat and 4/4 beats. Influenced mostly by death and doom metal, drum and bass, techno and movies.

GabeeN [Gábor Bacsárdi], borned in 13.7.1988 in Székesfehérvár (Hungary) it’s one of the most active artist in the european techno scene. After releasing in several netlabels like Zimmer Records, AudioExit or Wavelike, his tracks have becomed to great techno labels as Armatura or Naked Lunch, being also played by great artists like Dave Clarke.Stay in touch with his powerful and dark style!

Music composer and producer, audiovisual creator, sound engineer & dj. Working from 2001 in a musical production company called eMotiv ( where I compose music for ad’s and feature films. We work in many different styles such as classical & orchestral, rock, jazz, pop, rythm & blues, funk, hip hop, trip hop, breakbeat, techno, electro… etc. I’m an Electronic music lover, and I produce music for the dancefloor very often. Also I’m working in the weekends as a dj and I’m teacher in sound engineering in the Audiovisual and Multimedia Realisation school called ERAM (Escuela de Realización Audiovisual y Multimedia).

One D (AKA Onedbshon) was born in Spain in 82 and spent the first 15 years of his life in Mallorca soaking up all the Balearic house and garage of the time. Now, as an experienced music producer and studio resident, ONE D has dabbled in everything from amateur film soundtrack to TV and radio spots. He is currently working with MOOTIV under the name BEATTWIN, joining forces and sharing tastes with one of the best producers in Spain. He has published on labels like Soundfate, Sincopat, Espai Music, Pils Records,…

Catalan Dj and producer, where his passion is and has been music. He spent two years as manager of a radio program with Skywalker in HOT101 FM, local radio station in Girona. With this led him to play at clubs like BLAU CLUB, THE ROOM Rachdingue and CEL, under the name Magnetik, with great artists. His sessions are varied, bringing together different styles and mixing them with his characteristic personal touch. You can dance theme elegant house and the next one melodic techno detroit style. He began his first venture as a producer with One D, a great friend, the subject called Growing shadows.

Hermético is one of the musical alias of Jaume Muntsant, founder and manager of inoQuo netlabel which publishes minimal techno and variants. Hermético makes dance floor oriented music with techno and minimal as main ingredient.

DJ since 1997 and producer since 2007, he is involved in Detroit, Birmingham, Industrial and Experimental Techno, releasing music in labels like Induxtriall Records, Ban Kai Records, or his new proyect with his friend Elchk called VELOVR, will have future releases in labels like Main Concept and Gynoid.

DJ L’Embrouille is a supporter of the netlabel scene for now 6 years. He ran in the past a netlabel show called “Melenick Session” which was broadcasted in Proton Radio, Livesets, Shouted FM & more. He broadcasted more the 150 netlabel sets, else & there in the net, some are lost, some are still Available (in Mixotic, Subflow, Sonic Walker, Foem, Op3n, Avionix, Zimmer, Deepindub, Midnight, Pinksilver, Stirsound, Miniatura, Pentagonik, Offtechno,…). He played in some festival dedicated to netaudio culture in London, Berlin, Frankfurt & soon Perpignan. What he likes most is a constant superposition in his set, no way to play a lonely track…

Stanislav Tolkachev probably one of the best conceptual techno artists in recent times. His tracks unlike many others, are true masterpieces, away considerably from what is the current minimalist sound easy and predictable. The minimal techno with which delights us is different Tolkachev, dark and deep stories, with darkness and plains somewhere, hidden randominde man and brings out the unconscious as real attacks of those who listen.


Techno, Electro, Industrial DJ & producer born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (1977). Kuniaki Takenaga’s music career began in 1997 influenced by The Prodigy, Ken Ishii, Fumiya Tanaka and the djs’ at the famous Juliana’s Tokyo club. Kuniaki has founded his own label Dispired Recordings in 2008 and the rest is history. Takeshi el niño The work by the solo of collaboration EP of o and Marco Rane and Peter Gual has been released. Remix EP is being produced with Dispired Industrials now. It is an artist who cannot take his/her eyes off to the development in the future.

Andreas Florin was born in Siegen Germany. When he was 15 years of age he became interested at electronic music. He became interested by listening to Members of Mayday and Cherrymoon (Bonzai!!). After years of partying in clubs like The Omen (!) and Aufschwung Ost he started DJ-ing. . In 2002 he started producing and soon he has reached his own style of producing. A mixture of all kinds of techno-elements. Since 2008 he is manager of the labels electronic pulse and we call it hard records!!

Zair (Víctor Gallego), was born in Ciudad Real (Spain) in October 1984,is a techno producer who lives in Mallorca. At about the age of 15 he discovered the world of music production and editing , starting from this base he commenced creating his tracks with quite a heavy techno style. After few years he started to experiment with other styles that were interesting him , like house and minimal music. In the last years he released his works under local and international labels like (Audecks,Malo Records) or (Elektrax and Android muziq). At the moment Zair is concentrating on his web project to offer free download of his tracks and remixes.


Loisan is Lluis Sánchez, a 25 year-old DJ and producer. He lives in Girona for developing his short but intense musical career. He begins his DJ career playing in several clubs like: ADN, BLAU Club, EL ROW, LA COVA, FLORIDA 135,… Nowadays, he is a founding partner of F.E.D. (Fundación Electronic Dreams). This association dedicates part of his time on organizing musical, art and show events and festivals. Loisan has a refined mixure of several musical styles, and a very intimate, personal and sofisticated vision. His sound is between techno and house, with melodic and rhytmicelements that give at all the global a progressive but extremely electronic sense, being suitable for the most exigent dancefloors.His musical feeling based on his mood, make him an inconfusable dj.

Joan (aka Pinxo) is a young DJ and producer from Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). His first contact with electronics were during the 90’s, the first festivals where they could hear electronic music caught the attention of this couple, who became interested in the history of this new and breakthrough music. Pinxo is a great fan of music, at its predominantly big basslines, hypnotic melody and a groove that makes you fly. A concept of different dj, who’s able to apply techniques of turntablism and hip hop to the electronic music track, mainly techno, minimal and electro-house, but with an open mind to all musical styles, like rock, drum n bass, funky , electronics, etc. Tricks and spectacular effects), 2 or 3 decks, up to 2 mixers … all this to shape a single sitting. A show in the techniche and delicious in the musical selection; subtlety and aggressiveness.

PO, real name – Edgar Aizpurs, is a young DJ, producer and promoter from Riga, Latvia, who is dedicated to techno, experimental and dubstep music styles. Edgar was captivated by electronic music back in 2002, his fascination with electronic sound led to a decision of fully commiting himself to it. Nonetheless Po started producing his own music only in 2005, which consequently led him to becoming a DJ very next year. Edgar was sharing a stage with some of the most interesting producers and DJs in the scene (Luka Baumann, Casual Violence, Max Duley, Paul Damage, Stormfield and others ). Few years later he managed to release his tracks on record labels such as: Ante-Rasa, Limetree, Injected Poison Records, Aftertaste Recordings. In 2009 Po moved to UK, where he continues to produce new music, developing his unique sound, and to work with various artists and labels on the new releases to come.

From an early age, he discovered the style breaks, IDM and experimental hand Aphex Twin, who has since become the center of your musical universe, feeling very curious about how it was able to create all this range of sounds. Over time focused more on the techno scene, feeling identified with the industrial techno Birmingham. His productions are characterized by strong rhythms and tribal, dense and aggressive rhythms, and deep and dark atmospheres with industrial dyes.

For more than a decade has matured and settled the musical concept in my person, to the extent that it is a part of me. Almost all this time I made ​​myself some turntables and a mixer, thanks to music that others created, one with which I identify, and that allows me to convey what I want. Because that was always my goal, to convey my understanding of the music without thinking about the opinions of others and without intent to seek to assimilate and understand all my vision, only to find who can do spontaneously. But when trying to create music that allows me complete freedom to convey ideas and to offer my view of human nature more savage and pure organically, we do not understand that aspect and makes us move to feel pervaded by the spirit of music we like …

Voidloss, “el caballero de lo oscuro” as they call him in Spain, is a producer much respected on the underground. His musical life is extended, starting in industrial bands, moving on to putting on illegal raves as part of the seminal London underground counter cultural movement United Systems, through commercial techno and back into the murky underground of experimental/industrial techno. Always known to be someone working on the fringes, in the shadows, a true underground artist, Voidloss has become a name associated with progression, quality production, high emotion, of euphoria and darkness. His own label Singularity Recordings [ushes forward and explores the dark and experimental, leading edge of techno. His Live PA`s take people on a deep emotional journey, both for the soul and for dancefloor. And his many releases continue to be a strong force for individuality and dissent amongst a sea of compliance.

Rick Miller aka Systemic is one of the Britain’s emerging techno artists. His releases on great labels such Subsist (ES), Labrynth (PT) or Singularity (EN), ensure its quality. Also is doing a great work managing his own label, Duality, which is working with artists like Casual Violence, Coefficient or Michaelangelo.

Robert Pain is Zagreb based artist / Black Queen.

From starting out in the ’90s delivering the sound of authentic Swedish techno, his musical journey took him through a variety of musical twists. Along the way he’s salvaged everything from hard techno to classic Detroit-inspired beats, down to a minimalistic approach as well as the work that defines his sound today: the dark, deep, industrial tones and rich, deep dubby flavours—with lots of erosion and a smattering of dirt. Working against the trends, but assimilating slices he likes along the way, Fridell will carry on producing his unique, innovative vibes.

English born, Barcelona-based techno DJ, George Lanham’s dark analogue productions have started to spread like wild fire in the past year having been released by labels including the legendary Synewave. With Dave Clarke describing his music recently in an IDJ Magazine article as: “This really is peaktime dancefloor destruction that mixes Beltram with Chicago and Hood with Faki in a package that will appeal to many techno and sub-techno players. The influences are there, but the product is unique to Lanham and modern in its outlook”.

Currently kill minimal has releases on a wide range of electronic music labels all over the world (Spain, Germany, Italy, Uk, Canada..), besides several tracks supported by artists like Richie Hawtin (Minus/Plus 8), Hernan Cattaneo (Sudbeat/Renaissance), Xpansul (Plus 8/Ovum) or Marc Antona (Mobilee/Highgrade Rec.). After several months of work, 2010 is the year for his first album “Hier Rein, Da Raus” to see the light of day. A musical emotion released on his own and with his very uniquie style on madberlin label, the only place where this dream is possible.

Samot is the techno project of a majorca’s guy called Tomas Bernabé. Until he was so young, he has been related with Electronic music, and he started to walk by techno ways more than a decade ago. Nowdays he’s in the same wave with a clearly and logic evolution. A few years ago he started creating his own sounds and his music, and since then he has not stopped experimenting and creating his own tracks as he was structuring his live act. His music is composed by melodies of great sensibility, dark and atmospheric, been ruled by techno patterns with a few but energic sounds at time that hypnotik.

Surit loads a suitcase containing more that 10 years of experience in the Techno music scene. As a good connoisseur of the electronic scene after a long way covered, has acquired a life experience that allow him to translate his proposal in an elegant way in each of his sets he plays as stories, stories that change depending on the situation of his performances, but not the speech. Nowadays Surit is engaged in various musical projects like his own label “Nexe Records”, the “NX1” project or the “Hansur” project.

CBTØ is a young producer and DJ from the south of Spain but based on Berlin. His passion for the music always made him to look for new horizons and new sounds having a big appreciation for the underground movement expression: music before than any name. His productions go from ambient, drone to techno, going through dubstep or dubtechno; deep beats and sweeping atmospheres are the common factor on his music. Influenced mainly by the german sounds: Basic Channel, Maurizio, Tresor or Osgut Ton, or great artists like Autechre, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, AFX, Aux88, Gerard Handson or Steve Rachmand amongst others.

No BIO – Just Facts…David Meiser (Zaragoza, Spain). First references published in digital and vinyl (Hard Benzel). Supported by: Dave Clarke, Christian Wünsch, Oliver Ho, Claude Young, Ritzi Lee, among many others real techno fighters.

This from origin Czech producer started getting interested in music already at the age of six, mainly because both of his parents had strong musical backgrounds he started playing trumpet, but soon the musical bounderies of this single instrument couldnt keep him interested anymore. 2 years later he received his first computers: A Roland 909 & an Atari. From here on his spirit in creating electronical music really got inspired and as the years went by he got morefamiliar with other software and better equipment. On new years eve 2003/2004 Olivers best buddie George met Willem Baars from North Coast Studio and he arranged a meeting between the two. After being confronted with Olivers rough tracks Willem was totally convinced about this young producers capacities and they went into the studio together to sharpen up the edges of his tracks and release them. Soon became clear that Oliver was capable of creating more different styles of music. From deep minimalistic house, filmscores, hiphop to breakz till pounding techno. From here of the decision was made to start performing live on stage.

Luke Creed, Born in Dublin,Ireland(1988). As a Dj, Luke’s style can be described as both dark and energising. He is becoming known for his ability to mix it up and play 40+ tracks in an hour. Creeds’ productions are dance floor annihilators, fusing elements of techno, industrial with hints of electro. With a year of releases on Elektrax, Naked Lunch, Gobsmacked and an array of other labels Luke is definitely one to watch for 2012 and the coming years.

Moitan is the union of Mootiv and Loisan live.

Sydney based techno artist and co owner of Fervent records.

From “Spectroscopy”, the study of the interaction between matter and radiated energy. Quantic Spectroscopy is the study of the fundamentals of what matter and energy produce in Techno music. For Quantic Spectroscopy, Techno is analyzed as a spectrum of sounds and different types of matter that together combined do the sounds of their mind. Dark ambiences mixed with small rays of colorful sound in other dimensions, creating textures and new physical relations in sound. Scientific, absolute, analytic and above all different in a kind. The dynamic duo is based in a long relationship of two guys (WireTap and Stig) from Oporto, Portugal who want to create and make a difference in the Electronic Music scene with their own specific vision of Techno. They have a lot of influences from well known artists filtering what they most like and giving it a new shape in another dimension just bringing the fundamentals of Techno music.

Hecrom (Hector Montero), his music ranges from techno and experimental electronic sounds and futuristic atmospheres trying to recreate the cosmos. The titles of their tracks are related to astronomy, his other great passion. His influences more important are Autechre, Byetone, Aphex Twin, Ben Frost, Reeko, Ancient Methods, Alva Noto, Carl Sagan…

Born in East London in 1980, DJ/Producer Adverse Event (one half of live act InnerCystem) has been involved in the Techno/Electronic scene for the past 10 years. Currently living in Birmingham (UK) Adverse Event currently co-promotes and is a resident of ‘Resonance’; a quarterly underground Techno night based in the heart of the city, where you will find him playing alongside Dave Thornton, as InnerCystem. Adverse Event is also part of Annunaki Asylum (alongside James Jaymal, Dave Thornton and Jake Conlon) which are a group of artists who’s aim is to provide a unique selection of tracks, sets and events for like minded people. Adverse Event has had a previous release under Leeds based digital label ‘Limetree Projects’ and has some interesting releases planned for 2012/13.

Nikola Hadzi Veljkovic aka Hadji was born in 1988 in Zagreb.Even as a kid he attracted attention with his incessant beating of pots, glasses… After kindergarten, elementary music school Elly (functional music pedagogy) instrument piano, and enroll in secondary music Ivan Zajc, instrument trumpet. With electronic music he met in 1997, when a colleague took Bravo Hits compilation, song Dr.Motte and Westbam – Sunshine that he liked very much. First he listened psy and goa trance compilations until 2005, then he went on first techno party, and actually realized that “this is it”. Equipment purchased in late 2005 and soon becomes mixing addictive, in beginning only at private parties, and soon resident on Friday at the Jet Set club. Over the summer he worked in Stara Novalja warmup party for Zrce, and that was also first party that he organized. After the summer along with DJ Motiv runs different night program in club Boxer. Now Hadji is resident on Zrce at club Euphoria. At the moment he’s the owner of Dark Love studio in which he crates dark techno sounds and his orientation is on analog machines.

Adam Kelly’s musical journey began from infancy! At the age of fourteen he invested in some affordable hardware equipment such as the Roland MC series Groove boxes to the XP series synths and later Korg’s workstation editions. Fast forward; now, Adam has dedicated much of his time throughout the last decade staying involved with and helping to evolve the techno scene mainly with-in t he vicinit y of Dublin cit y, Ireland. He is the founder and resident of the Technotic club night and Radio St at ion, which, bet ween bot h of these projects, has been able to host many of the greatest and most respected artists in the business, while also providing a platform for up and coming talent. Adam has show-cased his music extensively through- out his home country and has also had many radio appearances as well as a small number of international appearances. Busy in the studio at present, Adam’s sound could be defined as dark, powerful, industrial tinged funk driven techno

I’m from Belfast, North Ireland. I have releases on Benzel Label, Audio Exit and C24 Records. Forthcoming releases on Noctambular, Labrynth and the mighty Cicuta. My favorite colour is yellow and my favorite food is Rice Krispies. I have a phobia of dinosaurs.

Jake Conlon was born in Birmingham sometime in late 1987. Jake has been experimenting with sound and music for the past 13 years via computers and odd bits of hardware. His music can often be harsh and abrasive whilst also being full of melachonic melodic synth work. Jake’s main influences are Inigo Kennedy, Surgeon, Regis, Makaton, Oscar Mulero, The 65d Mavericks and other artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, BoC and FSOL. Jake releases his music under various pseudonyms on his Groke platform and is currently also working with Pareto Park, LimeTree Projects, Road Crash and Viral Out Break Digital supplying Productions and Remixes. Jake also currently runs a night called Resonance in Birmingham with some close friends and has played along side personal favourites…

Stefano Infusino is an italian producer of the new techno generation. He loves to experiment new and different sounds often dark and deep without forgetting the groove that is characteristic of his productions. He works with labels such as Machine Box Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Amazone Records, Heaven To Hell Records, Parallel 125, Frucht, Shout Records. Really soon will be announced great news…

Producer born in Madrid, after years supporting the electronic music scene, i decided introducing me to the production, trying to get an innovative sound. My work, mainly dark-techno, is influenced by Birmingham and industriall techno sounds. I’ve published with another alias on labels like Pareto Park, Audioexit Records, Zimmer Records…

Techno Dj – Sound Designer – Owner of influential label Gobsmacked Records and doer of loads of other things.

RFS (Rafa Fijo), young Spanish producer and dj, (Sevilla, Spain – 1983). The interest in music led him to participate in the conservatory of his hometown, playing various instruments, and knowing the basic patterns of the music. Influenced by the German scene and northern Italy, began making his own productions, which can be included within the techno, the main style in his music. Artists like Sabatini, Shifted or Dettmann,… among others, are inspirational in their productions and djsets. Member of DARKSITE booking. Techno Collective, which has achieved great success in the south of Spain.

Guillermo Arroyo (Discknocked) and Jonathan Gallo (Hyo) are the names that hide behind this project born in 2011, with the aim to merge the influences of both to create your own style and esence, by conjugation of rhythms, strength, and dark textures to shape this symbiosis of industrial techno and electronica

Victor Martinez is the owner of Psychoskunk Recordings, Producer, Dj and sound researcher but also a reference in the north of Spain regarding techno music.With a career that spans over a decade Victor Martinez has developed a unique and personal style and can be seen in particular dj sets that venture through the many subgeneres of electronic music.Nowadays, he is playing new project “Error Etica” which has the essence on the deeper side of life.Experimental, deep and dark sounds, departure from the hard rhythmic on behalf of way of understanding techno now a days, a sound carefully crafted and skillfully developed and making new rmx for Agony Force´s label “Lycaon”, NX1 and several tracks for the legendary label of Kalamazoo: SonicMind records .

Scouts In Bondage is a side project of a two Swedish techno-producers.The focus is to deliver modern, big club techno for the main floors with a loopy feeling containing the legendary Swedish vibe. As a very young project the Scouts Of Bondage duo manged to gain a serious reputation in a short amount of time. Over the night the duo was featured on the dance-music store Beatport. Soon after record & remix requests have been pouring in.

Ad.Lib is a common abbreviation for “ad libitum” which is latin and means “at one’s pleasure”. It is often used in jazz-music for the description of the improvisation parts – the parts where musicians stop thinking and start to feel the song and play for the moment. That is exactly what electronic music means to Ad.Lib.

A new techno producer from Germany with support and charting from the almighty Dave Clarke. In my opinion..the world needs a change!

DJ’s, producers, die-hard partygoers, mentasm junkies, analog synth freaks… The syndicate was born to help bringing back the fierce euphoria/weird energy of no-nonsense rave music.We operate with a mix of rough electro, vicious acid and euro-techno bombast of the early ’90s. It is pure contextual dance music for warehouses drowned in strobe lights, fog and a green laser moving into darkness. Oh, and to make things worst, we release vinyls…

Lithuanian producer Rusk (since 1998) has created his own unique style of hard, 4×4, bass fuelled and twisted techno, which is receiving huge interest in the global techno scenes. Rusk is determined to unleash his own sounds on the public and continue to explore the realms of techno.

Alex Knight aka The Thinker began in the world of electronic music production by 2005. In the beginning was more influenced by Break Beat sounds that sounded in his hometown (Sevilla), although gradually deeper into the world of House, Deep and finally (and present) in the Techno. His current influences come from more industrial Techno, Birmingham, etc., always trying to experiment with sounds.

Elektrabel, real name Tomas Hartl, is a part of the top of Czech electronic scene. Native Breclav dictates many years the hardest, but the most intelligent way of electronic music for listen. To date, he played almost in all clubs and festivals in the country, even a few respectable places in the world like Tresor Berlin or Tokyo Womb. Followed by Edensonic, Pohjola and Antiritmo, which later added other smaller or bigger labels, where he is releasing at the present. His sound is still characterized by hard-hitting rhythms and hypnotic synthesizers loops, but recently also with dense pads and slower minimalistic beats, when one or another part of the production he plays based on the character of the event.

Isolate is the name used by Giancarlo D’Elia for his musical Techno project based on translation of the dynamics of connection between man and the universe in musical frequencies. His musical productions are the result of an alchemical process that transforms emotions into music without following a particular “school” that explains how to do “something”, but listening to the instincts of the moment. His live performances is a path continuous and sophisticated through contamination of different musical genres, creating a surreal atmosphere where the only goal is to work on the deep emotions of their listeners, trying to change their consciences.

Jan Rygiel aka Spigl is a dj/producer and owner of the label Axaminer records. Also publishes music under the nickname Deep Paranoya.

Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens. The start of his journey into music began at 2011 when decided to escape a bit from real life & started mixing and producing.

Julita Stankevic – aka Femii – was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2009 she is mixing techno sounds. Since 2011 she starts producing and in 2012 she was a host of radio show District Facility. After a year she released her first Ep on Audioexit Records and not long after that she released her second EP on Kidnapping Netlabel and joined Kidnapping team. Femii music is deep dark with industrial sounds and sometime with sweet vocal.

I’m from Slovenia.I started to produce music about 10 years ago,and more seriuselly somewhere in 2008, when i got my first release (on Bumpfoot). Since then i got releases on Zimmer rec, Tonkultur Berlin, Inoquo, Clear-cut rec,… I’m getting inspired by Umek, his powerfull funky sounds and by some extend Richie Hawtin and his minimal, so my sounds are some mixture of both, minimal funky tech!

Previously producing under the guise Monophonic Junkie, InSight is slowly developing and creating a forward thinking, varied sound of Techno. With a remix released through xe:tech:no plus others in the bag for Scott Zest and Adverse Event and awaiting future releases through various other Techno labels, InSight is emerging amongst a new breed of talented underground producers and artists.

From Chicago’s NW Side, Rick Allen…aka…RRKS was raised on old school Chicago house music. At an early age his weekend’s were spent in juice bar’s or house parties listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, New Order & The Cure just to name a few. He started re-mixing and making tracks in the late 1980’s with some of his father’s old gear that was lying around in the basement. Ultimately it was the classic mix shows on WBMX & WGCI that made electronic music a permanent fixture in his life. 2011 solidified Rick as a formidable up and coming artist as he was chosen by Richie Hawtin as the runner-up winner in the Plastikman Ask Yourself remix competition. His remix is featured in the Plastikman Arkives on Minus Records. During 2012 Dave Clarke featured 4 of Rick’s tracks on his acclaimed Whitenoise Radio show, one track in his BBC6 Mix and multiple plays at various festivals throughout Europe.

“OUTLIER : Element of the population that is significantly different from the rest of the collection, which seems to imply a pattern that is inconsistent with the bulk of the evidence of data.” Always consider carefully the “outlier”.

Born in 1984, Santiago Chile, takes his first steps as a DJ in the underground in 1998, Techouse including mixtures tech house, minimal and techno. Lover of dark sounds, experimental and powerful 2001 Angelo decides to produce his own tracks, using music production software. He soon decided that his path to production is by analogy, acquiring production machines for Analog Techno sound. Applying in its themes, sounds dark, minimal, powerful, experimental and trackers

Founder/Owner of Consumer Recreation Services Recs

As a sound engineer, JoyB is a Dj/Producer who loves to experiment with different kinds of sounds and discover what levels he can achieve on the dance floor.In his sets as Dj, you find a progression from darkness to deep sound transitioning into the techno and minimal direction. As a music Lover of rock and post-punk of the 60’s and 70’s British and electronic sound of Germany and Detroit in 80’s to 90’s, he is also greatly influenced by these genres. The dark technical sound and delicate notes of this music are their hallmark. JoyB’s CV is comprised of smaller clubs and parties in his home base of Madrid all the way to Castellón (C.Valenciana, Spain) and now currently, Berlin. He has made many collaborations on radio shows, introducing new topics, and playing live on stage. After living in Madrid for 4 years, working together with the collective “CTI”, he decided to take on a new challenge of producing and moved, in 2012, to Berlin. As producer, he’s released different EP’s of techno music with LCR, Main Concept Music and a remix with NXT Records.

Dislocation – Russia, the city of Nizhni Tagil. Real name – Oleg S. Presnyakov. Year of birth on August 22, 1985. The status – the musician, the listener, the clubber. The directions – techno, Dark minimal techno, dub techno, experimental, underground, deep

Formal Method Formal Method (formerly known as Doryk) is a dj and producer from Hungary, his style is raw, minimalistic industrial and acid techno. He’s owner of Black Strategy Records, co-owner and founder of Audioexit Netlabel, A/R manager of Techno Pulse Records.

After growing up with Techno during the 90s in the Netherlands, after my degree in Creative Music Technology, and after honing my production skills in music for over decade whilst living in the UK, I’m now sharing my sounds with the rest of the world. Have a listen, and join me in my adventures in Techno.

Taiki restarted his DJ activity in 2014, in Tokyo/Mexico. And he started to organize rave ‘Goku Raku’ in Kanagawa, Japan. Now he plays DJ in various scenes of the party in Tokyo. He works energetically for extend expression of DJ.

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