We’re the people involved in Cicuta’s project. There are also many friends who work promptly with us. For them, a big THANK YOU from these lines.

Founder & manager of Cicuta Netlabel. Drugstore project began at the beginning of 2009, as union of members of the spanish collective Bayona Music, as a way to express the musical interests of their components. Focused on techno music and betting always for Creative Commons scene.

Graphic designer and 3D animator. He started studying Information technology but then he realised that he loves the comunication, shapes and colours and studied graphical design and 3D. He is an amateur photographer too.

He uses those fonts:
IDM Minimal by Emlyn Addison (
Neuropolitical by Ray Larabie (
Np Naipol All in one by Pol Udomwittayanukul (

Passionate and amateur photographer. Autodidact and forum-didact. Deeply attracted by the geometric sets, lighting and textures. Abandoned places offer amazing scenarios that carry into a magical state. The photos are just there, only to realize they are watching you and trying to accurately capture the way you look.

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